About The Shop

A little Explanation!

Although the title says SHOP you can’t actually buy from the website directly today. I am gradually moving items into the online shop and getting the checkout up and running.

Those of you who have met me at playing days and courses will probably have realised I am a little old fashioned (read – behind the times!). This isn’t me being awkward and not letting you, the customer, buy some lovely instruments. No, there are several reasons for the lack of checkout.

1 – Cost. It would inevitably cost to add an online shop to the website. Costs incurred would be upfront design and implementation, upkeep and card transaction fees. In turn it would be paid for by you the customer. I like to keep my prices at a sensible level (Brexit doesn’t help either!) and I feel that with my current level of business this would be one step too far.

2 – The Personal Touch.  I believe that if you are looking for an instrument you may want to play it or even several instruments before you buy. There are those who will buy on impulse, maybe even on Ebay, but, rushed decisions are often regretted when it comes to instruments. I would much rather you contact me by phone or email (click the email link at the top of any page) and I will always respond promptly. Although I work from home you are always welcome to come and visit and have a tootle (by appointment of course!).

3 – Finding the right instrument. It is important that you find the right instrument for yourself. This can be a process that will take more than five minutes at a keyboard. There are many things to consider including tonal qualities and manufacturing quality (I have done some of that work by selecting the instruments I do stock). Hole positions and how the instrument feels in your hands are also important aspects which are often overlooked and regretted later. Don’t rush your decision. If after trying instruments out you don’t feel any are right I will understand if you walk away with nothing. You have to find the right instrument for you.

How to order.

If you find an instrument or any other item in the ‘offline’ shop you would like to purchase or try out, please phone or email me (click the email link at the top of any page) to talk further, I will respond. Instruments can be tried before purchase and payment is easy, either by cash, cheque or BACs. I look forward to hearing from you.