Bass recorder floor spike


Bass Recorder Floor Spike

Bass Recorder Floor Spike

I am the only UK supplier of Bass recorder floor spikes by Margret Loebner. Owners of these brilliant floor spikes are only too pleased to recommend them as it enables a comfortable playing position while seated. No longer do you need to support the weight of the instrument without resorting to a sling which can create tension in the neck and shoulder area. A real must for anyone with neck problems.

There are two types available for rounded or flat ended instruments. Customers have also used these spikes on great basses with similar results.


Round end version (to suit Yamaha plastic bass)

£80.00 (+£5 P&P) IN STOCK

Flat end version (to suit Kung Classica and SUPERIO models plus Mollenhauer Canta bass)

£80.00 (+£5 P&P) IN STOCK