Paetzold by Kunath Contra Bass Recorder


I am Kontrabass-Schraegdelighted to be stocking Paetzold by Kunath Contra Bass recorders. This model laid the foundation for the worldwide success of the quadrangular bass. You can be confident in its strengths as a solo instrument or in ensembles. The model has been optimised repeatedly over the years to meet the increasing demands of professional players. Many of the style-defining architectural features such as the 180 degree bend, the automatic thumb key, the self-regulating pad bearings and ErgoKey key mechanism have been developed on the contrabass. The instrument has a compact overall height of 1.52 m, but sounds to a proud length of 1.75 m.

I am deliberately stocking instruments with a longer bocal (mouthpiece extension) as standard. I know from experience what a difference it makes to players.

Individual item prices:

Contra bass recorder    £3350.00  ON ORDER

Hard case                      £240.00    ON ORDER   

Cross stand                    £95.00     IN STOCK

These prices are for birch finish (pictured) instruments only. Painted options will be advertised shortly.


Please contact me for delivery options.