Paetzold ‘Miniwing’ Nuts

Paetzold wing nut and washer

Paetzold wing nut and washer

 The joints between sections on Paetzold instruments were originally held with a wing nut and washer as illustrated (left). This set up is perfectly serviceable but can be frustrating when getting everything lined up including the washers. For this reason Paetzold changed to……

Paetzold 'Miniwing' nut

Paetzold ‘Miniwing’ nut

The new Miniwing nut is now available. This wing nut has an integrated washer which spreads the load when tightening. The washer doesn’t flop about, making it easier to align and secure the sections together. These wing nuts can be retro fitted onto all Paetzold instruments. (N.B. some of the earlier instruments had longer screws which may need shortening). There are several different sizes available so please quote your instrument size when ordering i.e. contra.


Miniwing Nuts (1 set)       £12+p&p