Paetzold mouthpieces

Paetzold Style Mouthpieces (Bocals)

Having been asked by several customers to produce a longer mouthpiece for Paetzold Contra and Sub Contra bass recorders an alternative is now available and in stock.

Hand made from either maple or birch these new mouthpieces look like the originals but are 7 inches (17.8cm) long. The initial advantage was to enable players of limited stature to play without requiring extra equipment to raise them to the height of the instrument. Subsequently, taller people are now ordering them because the extra length enables better visibility of both music and conductor.

The 7inch version is produced as standard but any length up to 8 1/2inches is possible and available upon request. Both old and new style are also available too. The old style being where the plastic mouthpiece is plugged into a cork lined hole. The new style has a ring of cork around an extended spigot on the plastic mouthpiece and an extra block of wood where it plugs into the extension.  N.B. If you wish to purchase a new mouthpiece extension please contact us directly as the final fitting of cork on the old style extension requires your plastic mouthpiece to be carfully measured. Likewise the new style extension requires a similar measurment taking before drilling the mouthpiece hole as spigot diameters varied from one instrument to the next. Old style mouthpiece extension awaiting the cork lining in the mouthpiece hole. £70+p&p

A (‘Barrett’) new style mouthpice extension fitted to a customers instrument. £75+p&p