Paetzold Service Point

Barrett Recorder Repairs is the official UK service point for Paetzold by Kunath recorders.

As an owner of  a Paetzold (by Kunath) instrument, you can be sure that the highest level of experience and expertise will be applied to your instrument while in my care. A wide range of spares is always in stock and ‘special order’ parts will be made and dispatched quickly meaning you are without your instrument for the minimum of time. Any service/repair costs will be discussed with you before any work is undertaken. Please email me for questions regarding repairs and for current scheduling.

Email anthony@barrettrecorders.co.uk


“A Paetzold (by Kunath) bass recorder is a highly developed woodwind instrument,
into which the experiences of many musicians and instrument makers have flowed.
That’s why we recommend you contact us or a certified retailer / repairer if you feel your instrument needs some reworking.
To keep waiting times short and shipping costs as low as possible, we have set up a worldwide network of service points. In the UK we recommend the WONDERFUL and MAGIC Anthony Barrett. We have worked together for many years and look forward to our continued collaborations.”

Joachim Kunath