Broken Oboe Key

the story continues. 16-8-13.

It is back from the plating company (see the photo below) and looking really nice! Now all I have to do is refit it to the instrument and find a new customer for it.

Broken Oboe Key

It is not just recorders that make it onto my bench! I bought a Boosey and Hawkes  ‘Regent’ oboe recently which had a broken key. The bit that had broken off was missing which left a rough end to the key in question. This part is particularly prone to breaking due to the thin section of casting and also nickel silver can be brittle if the cast is not quite right. Since Boosey and Hawkes’s sad demise any remaining stocks of this part have now gone. The following photos show the key with the break cleaned up and secondly with a hand made end ready to be silver soldered into place.

The new end is darker in colour due to being annealed (softened) allowing me to create the curved end. At this stage it looks oversize in places too. This was done on purpose to allow for final blending of new to old. What is next? I have sent it away for refinishing .This involves stripping the remaining silver plate and replating. When it is back I shall post some new photos and get the instrument re-assembled ready for sale. Oboe anyone?

The key returned from the plating company and ready to go.