Posting Recorders


Sopranino to tenor

If your recorder lives in a roll bag or soft case then these act as ideal packaging for your instrument. Just find a box slightly larger than the case and fill the void between case and box with scrunched news paper, re used packaging material or anything that will give a cushion to the contents within.

If your instrument lives in a hard case you can send the case as well but this will increase the weight so cost more. Instruments sent without cases should be well wrapped in bubble wrap or similar and then placed in a box and packed as described above.


Getting your recorder to Barrett Recorder Repairs is a straight forward process. For instruments sized sopranino to tenor I suggest using ‘Special Delivery’ from the Post Office. Your parcel will be tracked, insured and guaranteed by 1pm next working day. The contents are insured for a minimum of £500.00 and the level of compensation can be increased to £2,500.00 for a couple of pounds more. There are cheaper postal options available and any of these can be used but compensation for damage or loss will be limited. Return postage will always be the same grade as that used by the customer.


Basses and bigger

Bass recorders in cases or boxes are often too long in their packaging to go through Royal Mail channels. If you are sending a bass or a larger instrument I suggest using a courier service. I have used UPS for many years and found them reliable. Pack your instrument in it’s case if it is a good fit and held nicely inside. Ideally find a larger box and pack the void with scrunched news paper or re used packaging. Some people cover the instrument’s hard case with bubble wrap and brown paper which also works.

In Person

If you are passing by or local to Lichfield, Staffordshire you are more than welcome to drop off your instrument in person. Send me an email to organise a drop off and I will send the address in return.


NB Some Post Offices will offer ParcelForce as a means of sending your larger parcel. You should not use this method unless the value of your instrument is not important. ParcelForce will not insure musical instruments. I have had several customers recently who were sold this method and not told of the insurance situation.