Barrett – Bass Recorder Floor Spike (flat end)




The ever popular bass recorder floor spike has been updated. The mounting cup is made of lightweight, strong aluminium and anodised to give a sleek black finish. The gripping thumb screw is made from nylon and has a slot in which a 1p piece can be engaged to help tightening for those with weaker hands. The whole unit is light weight and robust giving you years of service and aiding your bass recorder playing enjoyment.

Ask any owner of a floor spike about the benefits and they are only too pleased to recommend them. The floor support enables a comfortable, adjustable playing position while seated. No longer do you need to support the weight of the instrument without resorting to a sling which can create tension in the neck and shoulder area. A real must for anyone with neck problems.

There are two types of spike unit available. These suit rounded or flat ended instruments. Customers have also used these spikes on great basses with similar results.

Flat end version (to suit Kung Classica and SUPERIO models plus Mollenhauer Canta bass)

Price £89.00 (£84.00 + £5.00 P&P) 

If you are uncertain of the type you require please send me an email.

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